The best local cuisine in Mantua

If you're looking for the taste of typical Mantuan cuisine, visit Ristorante Ai Garibaldini for lunch or dinner. The restaurant is located in Vicolo San Longino, 7, in the heart of the historic centre, and today is under brand new management. The chefs in our kitchen serve up the best of typical local cuisine based around tortelli and mostarde, re-imagining it with creative flair. To enjoy the best of Mantuan cuisine, in a charming historic setting, you are invited to book a table with us today! We are open all week long.

Mantua's oldest restaurant

Those looking for an exclusive location for lunch or dinner with typical local cuisine in Mantua can not miss a visit to Ristorante Ai Garibaldini. The restaurant opened in the late 1700's and took its name from the late niece of Mr. Nouvenne's manager who participated in the One Millennium Expedition. Today the restaurant maintains the charm of this bygone era, thanks to the frescoes of Giulio Romano's school on the walls and the fascinating and lively atmosphere.
Tavola per due, pizza, due bicchieri di vino rosso, bottiglia di vino aperta, coperti, cortina aperta

Not to be missed: risotto with mantovana

Although re-worked and updated, the typical local cuisine of Ristorante Ai Garibaldini is faithful to the gastronomic tradition of Mantua, made with genuine products by experienced hands. There are many typical dishes on the menu, starting with our famous salami risotto based on salami pasta. With great passion, our dedicated chefs select the best quality ingredients and conjure dishes that delight the palate and bring an evening in Mantua to life.
To book a table send an email to atrenotazionigaribaldini@libero.it
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